Applications of 3D

 3D Models


Fiat Punto Grande Ad

This advert shows a Fiat Punto jumping on a trampoline. This is made using a 3D as the car jumps up towards the camera and spins around in slow motion and this is not possible for an actual car to do. This TV advert is created by bd3d a 3D advertising company which has also created such adverts as the dancing Citroen car.

 Lloyds TSB Ad

This advert is an animation showing a journey on a train through a country side and a city this is all computer generated.


 Citroen C4 Ad

This advert is a Citroen car transforming into a robot and dancing in a car park. This TV advert is created by bd3d a 3D advertising company



Men in Black is made by Columbia Sony Pictures.One of the main characters gets attacked by a giant worm and it smashes through the concrete floor this is an example of 3D animating as they had to create a giant worm an d a city landscape.

Monsters Inc.

The 3D models have helped generate all the monsters as monsters aren’t real.They have also used it to create the fur on sonny. Also they are used to create the bedrooms in which the monsters travel int0 to scare the children aswell as the city in which the monsters live in the models used to create all of this are off an extremely high quality. As a child I loved this film.


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