Motion Capture

Motion Capture 

Motion Capture, Motion Tracking and MoCap are all terms used to describe motion capture technology which is recording a movement and translating that movement onto a 3D Model. Motion Capture is used in many different ways such as used in the Military, Medical, Entertainment and Sport.

The way that it is used for the Military is that they use it for their Military Tracking System; the motion capture company which they used to help them with this project was called Start-up Organic Motion. This is a type of 3D motion tracking which uses no sensors. The people which are being tracking do not need to be wearing any markers for the computer to pick their movements up, Special computer algorithms which help the computer track the movement and transfer it into human forms. I got this information from the Organic Motion website.

The way in which motion capture is used in Medicine is that a surgeon can input a LED marker into a patient’s rib cage so that a doctor can track their breathing in real time up to 480 Hz (Frame per Second). It is a very accurate procedure and can help with the diagnosis of patients.

Motion capture is used in the Entertainment industry both in gaming and in film making. A recent Blockbuster film which used motion capture was Avatar mocap was use in this film to capture the movement of the actors and the facial expressions. The way that the facial expressions were captured were they made a skull cap for the actor with a tiny camera positioned in front of the actor’s face the information collected by the camera is then transferred into a computer.


Motion Capture is also used in the gaming industry a game which it was used in recently was Uncharted 2. The way motion capture was used in this game was that the actors put on motion capture suits to do the acting for the cut scenes in the film the technology was also used to do the voice capturing for the game.


Other games which use motion capture are Sports games such as PGA; the reason for this is that people that play the game are asking for more realistic looking golfers and more realistic swings of the gold club. In the latest PGA, EA drafted in Rory Mcilroy to do the motion capture work for the swing of the golf club. This game the game a more realistic feel when you play it as it actually looks like a real life golf swing. Also Fifa use motion capture to capture football players faces, they go to the team’s training stadiums and track each players faces and facial expressions and import them into a computer and add them to a 3D model.

I have recently purchased a copy of LA Noire, this game is renowned for its incredible use of motion capture on the facial expressions of the characters. they are so realistic in my mind it is like watching an actual movie, but you control the main character. i think that Rockstar have created something special within the games industry with this technology as they can incorporate this into some more of there own Francises such as Grand Theft Auto, or they could lend it to other gaming companies and they can incorporate it into there games such as a fifa game where the footballer on the screen actually looks like the footballer in real life.




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